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Article: About Zig-Zag Studio

About Zig-Zag Studio
Zig-Zag Studio

About Zig-Zag Studio

Since our inception over 140 years ago, Zig-Zag products have been embraced by countless patrons around the world. From innovators and artists to trendsetters and nomads, millions of experiences have been bounded together by our iconic products. For many, Zig-Zag is a key driving force behind powerful experiences, ambitious creative pursuits and unique innovations.

Since 1879, our company has grown and so has our mission. At Zig-Zag we want to fuel more experiences because we believe that great experiences shape great lives.  

Zig-Zag has long been a part of a culture much larger than smoking, and Zig-Zag Studio is our next move in curating unique experiences. This platform is meant to be an extension of our community, highlighting those who are creating and innovating so that others can be inspired to do the same. Simply put, Zig-Zag Studio is designed to inspire the world of tomorrow by uplifting the innovators of today.

So what should you expect from Zig-Zag Studio? For now, get excited for elevated new products and merchandise, as well as entertainment and content featuring some of the world’s best artists and creatives. But this is just the beginning – Zig-Zag Studio will become a launchpad for new experiences and a spotlight for the members of our community, and much more.

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