Cigarette Roller 70MM

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This Premium 70MM Zig-Zag Cigarette Rolling Machine is the standard in tobacco rolling machines. This roller allows you to achieve the quality and consistency you can't get with the traditional hand rolling method. The result is a perfectly rolled cigarette every time, for maximum smoking pleasure, minimum effort and little wasted tobacco


70m is for Single Width paper such as White and KutCorners

How do rolling machines work?

Cigarette rolling machines were initially developed in the late 1800s with the intent to mass-produce products to sell in the tobacco industry. Rolling machines have historically been a vital part of the cigarette-making process. The device could churn out just about 200,000 a day.

The years have pushed the rolling machine to a more compact size, intended for personal use. In a now smaller, more compact size, the rolling machine can perfectly form single rolls to be enjoyed in smaller quantities.

The rolling machine is an efficient tool with two barrels on either side that initiate the process. You open the front barrel facing you and evenly spread your legal smoking blends in the center of the machine.

Next, you close the barrel and roll it towards yourself to add shape and create the core. Add the rolling paper to the machine with the sticky edge facing up, and slowly feed it into the slit using the barrels to guide it. Stop once the paper is halfway in to lick the edge as a sealant. Then continue to roll the rest of the paper through the machine. Open the barrels and remove your perfect roll.

Types of rolling machines

There are two types of rolling machines; electric and manual.

Electric rollers are larger than their manual counterparts but still small enough to be used on a tabletop. The electric rolling machine can produce many cigarettes, which can be helpful for someone needing a large quantity. You’ll typically place a sizable amount of your legal blends in the opening on the top of the machine. It may result in an excess amount resting on the opening. However, this is normal as you can continue to feed the remainder into the opening once you’ve started the rolling process.

After loading up the tobacco, you’ll line up your tube with the injector and make sure it is securely attached. Then turn the machine on, watch it fill the tube, and release it once it’s completely packed. The rolling method may vary slightly if you have an electric roller that allows you to place a few tubes inside a designated space to fill multiple at a time.

Manual rolling machines are without electric power and require much more involvement to roll. There’s no injector attached, so you have to help the manual roller shape the rolling paper. The manual roller can still produce even, nicely filled rolls without the automation.

How to choose a rolling machine?

There are plenty of rolling machines on the market, making it hard to decide which one you should buy. The best way to choose the right roller for you is to think of your needs and preferences then search for ones that match that.

Consider the amount of money you want to spend on your rolling machine. Manual rollers for single-use are typically inexpensive. Electric rollers tend to range from $25 to $75 for the tabletop, depending on where you buy it. The price can get even higher than that if you are looking to produce huge quantities outside of 20-30 rolls per day.

How are Zig-Zag rolling machines different?

The Zig-Zag cigarette rolling machine is the most professional on the market. We always make sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our roller is easy to use with its practical design and avoids waste. It just takes a few minutes from start to finish. Simply add your legal blend first and roll it. Then slide in the rolling paper to form the structure. Be sure to give the seal a lick before you roll it entirely and then reveal the impeccable roll. It’s foolproof, so even the amateur hand rollers can form perfect rolls with the Zig-Zag rolling machine and get stellar results.

In short, you don’t have to be a professional to roll on your own. With our rolling machine, you can save time and produce high-quality rolls with minimal effort, no mess, or wasted products. Get ready for the easiest rolling experience!