Large Classic Rolling Tray


This Is How We Roll

Stay organized and enjoy your smoke break to the fullest with official Zig-Zag rolling trays.

  • Zig-Zag Original Rolling Tray (Measures 13.4" X 10.8")
  • Made of Thick Tin
  • Extremely Smooth Glossy Surface
  • High Edges with Rounded Corners
  • Intended for tobacco use

Do you need a rolling tray?

Zig-Zag's rolling tray is the answer to an age-old problem – keeping that coffee table clean when you're rolling that perfect joint.

Rolling trays are necessary when you make hand-crafted, high-quality joints for your smoking enjoyment and don't want to waste your herb. Nothing is more frustrating than wasting bits of your filling on the floor and not being able to recollect it to use at a later time. So while you're rolling out your joint and maybe you've packed it a little excessively, the rolling tray can catch whatever falls out during this process. Just scoop up the remains, add them to the rest of your stash and retain all herbs.

What makes a great rolling tray?

A perfect rolling tray is everything you didn't know you needed. It's wide and stylish, meaning it takes up very little room in your home but still gives you plenty of space to roll on. It's made to last and is a pleasure to look at with a cool design or bright colors. Finally, everyone wants a tray that's priced reasonably.

At Zig-Zag, luxury meets value like never before. Our rolling trays are beautifully crafted and offer top-quality features at a price you're bound to love.

Rolling tray sizes

Zig-Zag's original rolling tray smallest option measures 10.65" x 6.30" - a significant amount of space to roll out the perfect joints. For a size reference, it's a tad bit smaller than a spiral notebook which is more than enough surface space to work on. This tray can comfortably fit the rolling paper or herbs and a grinder with a room to place other things like a lighter if necessary. Once you're done using the tray, you can store all of your smoking products on it to keep things organized. This size is excellent for traveling, fits conveniently in a backpack or your average-sized handbag.


Zig-Zag's rolling tray is strong enough to handle constant use. We make our rolling trays of thick tin because it's durable and lasts for years. You can count on us and our rolling trays.

Its durability will resist scratches, dents, and stains and continue to perform as an optimal rolling surface. Zig-Zag's rolling tray is treated with a high gloss finish for a smooth surface area, making it perfect for rolling upon. That slick feature helps ensure your paper won't stick to it, causing it to rip. It also offers an easy clean-up. The rolling tray will wipe well with a bit of soap and water and a quick pat dry. No worries of any residue left behind, keeping it sanitary and ready for use at all times.


Designed for holding loose herbs, this rolling tray features durable tin and a shiny finish. With fancy, rounded corners, high edges, and resilient construction, it's the coolest rolling tray around.

This rolling tray's design helps prevent messy tabletops or desks and possible surface odor retention from the smell of your product. It acts as a barrier to prevent damage to your furniture and helps you keep your herb out of the floor. Zig-Zag's quality is superior to any other brand on the market.

Cool design

What's a rolling tray without an eye-catching design? Zig-Zag's rolling tray has its widely recognizable, classic Zig-Zag man emblem with the year 1879 to remind you of 140 years of our history. The white, orange and gold colors are inspired by our best-selling rolling paper, French Orange. The look of the tray is a vibe and very inviting. You can feel good about using a rolling tray from the most well-known rolling paper brand. All of Zig-Zag's products are hand-selected and tested by experts because we know you turn to us for the very best.


The price for a small Zig-Zag rolling tray is just under eight bucks. For the quality that you will receive and its standard size, you can't beat that price. Like all our products, this tray is designed to enhance your smoking experience, offering high quality and exquisite style at an affordable price.

Gone are the days of rolling your cigarette on a paper towel or newspaper to keep your car clean. This tray has been designed to keep everything organized and rolled in one place.

Use this rolling tray as a prep station ahead of your next smoke session.

It makes a special gift for the smoker in your life. They'll appreciate a thoughtful present that will enhance their rolling experience. Maybe you've packed it a little excessively, the rolling tray can catch whatever falls out during this process. Just scoop up the remains, add them to the rest of your stash and retain all herbs.