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10 ways Zig-Zag brand papers have changed our smoking experience

Zig Zag rolling papers have been around for more than 140 years! It has left its mark on popular culture through its rich and weaving history. As ...

Zig Zag rolling papers have been around for more than 140 years! It has left its mark on popular culture through its rich and weaving history. As a result, Zig-Zag seems to have a cult-like following, from inspiring album artwork and concert posters to being referenced in songs! But what makes Zig-Zag so popular? And what makes Zig-Zag such an iconic rolling paper brand?

It has a lot to do with Zig-Zag's innovations. One such innovation has even been adopted as an industry standard! So let's dive right in to learn how Zig-Zag has changed our smoking experience.

The Zig-Zagging Rolling Papers

Let's forget about gummed edges and pre-rolled cones just for a minute. Before any of these innovations came about, a single innovation zig-zagged its way through the rolling paper industry. The accordion-like interleaving feature of rolling paper packaging today has become a mainstay.

Today you will struggle to find a rolling paper brand that doesn't use this feature. But there was a time when most rolling papers were produced in sheets that had to be cut to size. Others were put in small bound booklets.

All this changed when the French brothers Maurice and Jacques Braunstein developed the interleaving sheets of rolling paper. It allowed the following rolling paper to be readied and free from the booklet. This simple idea created an ultra-convenient auto-dispensing rolling paper booklet. Could it get more convenient than this?

Years after this innovation, the Braunstein brothers were awarded a gold medal at the Paris World's Fair. Later, the company would trademark its name "Zig-Zag" as an ode to its zig-zagging innovation. Today the auto-dispensing feature is still available on all Zig-Zag's rolling paper booklets.

Ultra-Thin Zig-Zag Rolling Papers

It is no surprise that rolling papers impart a flavor to your smoke, which is not bad. High-quality rolling papers offer up earthy flavor notes that can enhance your smoking experience. Some brands even produce flavored rolling papers.

These flavors range from fruit flavors to dessert flavors. But what if you're looking for as little to no taste as possible? What if you want to enjoy the nakedness of your favorite herb without any flavor from the rolling paper? Well, that's where ultra-thin rolling papers come in. Thicker papers tend to influence the flavor. Ultra-thin papers don't get in the way.

Zig-Zag Ultra Thin rolling papers are ideal for the connoisseur. They feature the slow-burning smoking experience that Zig Zag rolling papers are known for. In addition, these lightweight papers are translucent and feature a thin glue line made from 100% natural gum Arabic. If you are looking for an alternative to thick paper or a way to roll with less paper, Zig-Zag Ultra-thin rolling papers are a great option.

Hemp Papers

Hemp has gained popularity in recent years as one of the most sustainable crops in the world. It is perfect for the eco-conscious consumer. But hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years. Hemp rope strands have surfaced that date back to 26 900 BCE!

Hemp fiber is super strong! Due to this reason, it is often used to manufacture things like textiles and rope. Two primary fibers can be extracted from hemp - long bast fiber and short fiber. The short one is also known as pulp fiber or hard fiber. Pulp fiber creates a much softer paper than long bast fiber. It is also much easier to make paper from short pulp fiber than from long bast fiber.

Hemp is often blended with other fibers like flax and wood pulp, but Zig-Zag's Organic Hemp papers are made from 100% unrefined hemp fibers. These unbleached rolling papers are ultra-thin and have a natural texture and an earthy taste.

Zig-Zag sustainably sources hemp from organic farms. These premium rolling papers are also non-GMO and vegan. Zig-Zag Organic Hemp papers offer a pure and unadulterated smoking experience - a natural smoke.

Tobacco Blunt Wraps

Blunt wraps have become increasingly popular over the past decades. Much of its rise has to do with popular smoking culture. Blunts rose to global popularity with the help of artists like Snoop Dogg and Redman, who would reference "blunts" in their tracks.

Blunt wraps weren't always ready-to-roll. Instead, blunts began as a DIY method, which involved breaking open a cigar and rerolling the cigar leaf shell with a filler of your choice. By the 1990s, this was common practice.

Later, rolling paper brands like Zig-Zag would meet the demand by producing ready-to-roll blunt wraps. Although the traditional blunt-making method is still popular, ready-to-roll blunt wraps offer a more convenient option.

These wraps have become widely available and can be found in your local smoke shop. They are usually made from tobacco. Sometimes whole leaf tobacco is used, but the most common tobacco blunt wrap is made from pulped tobacco.

Zig-Zag Tobacco Wraps offer a flavorful slow-burning smoking experience with an extra tobacco buzz. They also have a larger capacity than most rolling papers and are ideal for sharing. Zig-Zag wraps are also available in a smaller 'Rollo size and convenient pre-rolled cones. However, it is essential to note that tobacco contains nicotine, which can be addictive.

Hemp Wraps

If you're looking to experience the world of blunts but are sensitive to nicotine, Zig-Zag has you covered! Zig-Zag Hemp Wraps offer a tobacco-free alternative to tobacco wraps. These premium wraps are made from hemp-based products and are available in various flavors. You can choose between Island Vibes, Blue Dream, or keep it original with OG Purp.

Hemp has been used in rolling paper manufacturing for many years. They offer a very different smoking experience. You can also expect a much slower burn than rolling papers. On top of that, hemp wraps will typically hold more filler, which is great for social sessions.

Zig-Zag Hemp wraps deliver the high-brow sophistication of a high-quality blunt wrap. It is a premium tobacco-free option that will satisfy the most discerning tastes. They come in a foil-fresh resealable package, equipped with a handy packing straw to help you create the perfect blunt. 

Rolling Machines 

Rolling a joint by hand requires fine motor skills and monk-like concentration. If you're new to the art of rolling, you know the struggle well. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to master this art. Zig-Zag rolling machines have you covered.

Rolling machines take most of the effort out of rolling joints. But rolling machines are not just for newcomers. Even veteran joints may consider using a rolling machine.

Zig-Zag brings you classic rolling machines made from durable materials. You have a choice between 70mm, 78mm, and 100mm! Zig-Zag rolling machines are designed to help you craft perfect pinner joints time after time, roll after roll. Zig-Zag rolling machines offer time-saving convenience that will benefit both the novice and expert joint roller.

One thing to remember is that when you opt for a rolling machine, you will sacrifice control for ease and convenience. Rolling a joint by hand gives you control over the shape and size of your joint. Therefore, rolling machines can be limiting in comparison. 

Innovative Rolling Tips

A rolling tip or a filter tip can elevate your smoking experience. It prevents burns and keeps debris out of your mouth. A filter tip can also add some structure to the mouthpiece of your joint. So if you are looking for smooth smoking joints, try using a rolling tip.

Rolling tips are a simple innovation created from card stock. But Zig-Zag offers an easier way. Zig-Zag Original rolling tips are precut to a width of 18mm and packaged in a convenient booklet.

The perforations make it easier to craft the perfect size to suit your joint. They are free from GMO, dye, and chlorine and are vegan friendly and biodegradable. And if you are looking for something a little bigger, these rolling tips are available in a 25mm wide version.

Level up the convenience with Zig-Zag Pre-rolled Rolling Tips. It doesn't get easier than this. These rolling tips are ready to roll. No snipping, folding, or rolling is required. As with all Zig-Zag rolling tips, they are free from GMO, dye, and chlorine and are biodegradable and vegan friendly. 

Wide Range of Sizes 

Joint rolling is a craft with techniques varying from smoker to smoker. Another thing that differs between smokers is taste. For example, some smokers enjoy small pinner joints, while others prefer big cones. Expert joint rollers will know that each occasion calls for a different style. Zig-Zag brings you a ton of sizes that will help you craft the perfect joint to suit any occasion.

Zig-Zag King-sized papers are a favorite for one reason. They're big! King size papers offer a large capacity and are ideal for rolling big cone-shaped joints. They are great for social engagements or decedent solo sessions. King size papers are also suitable for beginners as they offer more surface area to work with. Typically speaking, smaller and thinner papers will be more difficult to roll.

Zig-Zag 1 1/4 or Spanish size is a classic size. This rolling paper holds about 25% more filler than its single-wide counterpart. It is perfect for rolling a joint to share between two or three people. It is also often used for solo smoking sessions. 

Rolling Trays 

Rolling trays are designed to make the rolling process smoother and keep it together when rolling the perfect joint. They offer a firm flat surface to work on and keep all your rolling supplies together.

Rolling trays catch crumbs of valuable herbs that you may drop when rolling, thus saving you money in the long run. A high-quality rolling tray can last you decades. With all being said, a rolling tray is an investment.

A rolling tray is an ideal portable work surface. Zig-Zag's small rolling tray measures 10 3/4" X 6 1/2". This is a perfect size for tossing into a handbag or backpack. The raised edges of this rolling tray will prevent your supplies from sliding off while you roll while on the move.

You may be looking for a more extensive option. Something you can use in the comfort of your home. Something that will prevent you from making a mess on your coffee table. Zig-Zag's sizeable rolling tray is your best bet. It measures 13.4" X 10.8" and gives you ample room to roll joints.

Convenient Cones

You may be looking for an easier way to light up. You may be new to rolling joints and looking for an easier way to get the job done. You may even be an expert roller who wants to get the job done quicker. Whatever the case may be, Zig-Zag has just the thing.

Pre-rolled cones make rolling a lot easier. This is because there is no actual rolling involved when using pre-rolled cones. A pre-rolled cone is essentially an empty joint - a shell that only needs filling.

Zig-Zag Pre-Rolled cones come in the classic 1 1/4 size and the well-loved king-sized. They feature a built-in filter tip and are expertly tapered from tip to end. These cones are made from the same slow-burning rolling paper that Zig-Zag is known for.


Zig-Zag has been around for more than 140 years, making it one of the oldest rolling paper brands. The brand is deeply ingrained in the smoking culture. A lot of Zig-Zag's fame has to do with its continuous innovation. It also has a lot to do with how the brand seems to keep a finger on the pulse of the smoking culture.

Zig-Zag is geared to providing a tailored smoking experience. And it does this by providing a wide range of rolling papers, blunt wraps, and accessories. Of course, when it comes to choosing the best rolling papers, it depends on a personal taste. But one thing is for sure, from flavorful wraps to ultra-thin hemp paper, Zig-Zag has you covered.