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Article: Tips for Rolling With Hemp Wraps

Tips for Rolling With Hemp Wraps

Tips for Rolling With Hemp Wraps

There are many ways to enjoy your smoking experience, but it seems rolling papers are still the most common method of smoking. However, hemp wraps are a great way to elevate the experience and break away from your day-to-day ritual.

Rolling papers are more affordable than wraps, making them ideal for everyday use. Still, wraps offer an enhanced experience as they are thicker and provide extra flavor and a high-brow aesthetic.

This article will look at what sets hemp wraps from regular blunt wraps. We will also deep dive into the art of rolling a blunt and give you some tips to help you along your hemp rolling journey. So keep reading to learn how to create a perfectly rolled blunt.

Blunt Wraps vs. Hemp Wraps

The traditional blunt dates back to the 80s when smokers on the east coast of the U.S.A. would split open a tobacco cigar, remove the tobacco filler, and reroll their favorite herb in the tobacco shell. The term "Blunt" is derived from Phillies Blunt Cigars, a common choice among DIY blunt rollers.

Hip-Hop's Influence

This practice grew in popularity throughout the 90s as rappers like Snoop Dogg, Notorious B.I.G., and Redman referenced blunts in their music and the media. Redman's 1992 track "How to Roll a Blunt" stands and a Hip-Hop tutorial on how to roll a blunt the traditional way. Blunt rolling would eventually engulf the global smoking culture!

Seeing to Demand

Eventually, rolling paper manufacturers would meet this rising demand by producing ready-to-roll blunt wraps. These tobacco-based wraps offered smokers a way to create blunts without the hassle of dissecting a cigar. While the traditional method is still widely practiced, ready-to-roll blunt wraps are far more convenient.

Hemp Alternative

While blunt wraps offer an aromatic high-brow smoking session, they contain nicotine which can be addictive. This is where hemp wraps come in. Zig-Zag hemp wraps are a 100% tobacco-free alternative to tobacco-based hemp wraps. These are ideal for those sensitive to nicotine or any smoker looking for a unique way to light up.

Zig-Zag Hemp Wraps

Hemp is one of the world's most sustainable crops, contributing to its rise in popularity. Zig-Zag Hemp Wraps are made from sustainable hemp and offer a flavorful and sophisticated smoking experience.

They come in various creative flavors like Island Vibes, Blue Dream, Natural, and OG Purp. These premium wraps burn slow and smooth and will satisfy the tastes of most decerning smokers. For your convenience, you will get two perfectly crafted hemp wraps in the new foil package and a packing tool.

Hemp Wraps and Rolling Papers and Beginners

When choosing hemp wraps over the rolling paper, there are a few things to consider. First, hemp wraps offer more capacity for your favorite herb. This makes them ideal for sharing a blunt between close friends or enjoying an indulgent solo smoking session.

Blunt wraps can be more challenging to roll with than rolling papers, and because they cost more, they are not ideal if you're new to the art of rolling. While a booklet of rolling paper can contain up to 50 leaves, a pack of hemp wraps contains 2 wraps.

When learning to roll, it's normal to churn out more than a few rejects before your creations start to take shape. It is advised to cut your teeth on rolling papers before moving on the blunt wraps. Practice makes perfect. After a time, you will develop muscle memory and fine motor skills to create the ideal roll using a blunt hemp wrap.

The Rolling Tray

You may want to consider using a rolling tray when rolling your blunt. This simple device can prevent a mess and save you money. In addition, it can prevent you from dropping crumbs of valuable herb and reduce the risk of spilling your herb if you drop the blunt while rolling.

A rolling tray provides a space to lay out your accessories, making them accessible when rolling. No more balancing tools on your lap! On top of that, rolling trays provide a portable and clean work surface that will save you from working on a dirty park bench.

Zig-Zag rolling trays come in various sizes and are made from thin, lightweight but durable metal. While Zig-Zag's sizeable rolling tray is ideal for home or parties, the small rolling tray is great for slipping into a handbag or tossing into a backpack. In addition, Zig-Zag rolling trays are a perfect companion to size Zag-Zag Hemp Wraps, making rolling the perfect blunt easier!

Grinding Your Herb

When rolling blunts, you should avoid grinding your herb or filler too finely. Because of the nature of hemp wraps, you'll be better off using a more coarse or chunky grind than when rolling with papers. A chunky grind will increase the airflow inside the wrap, which will make for a smooth draw. On the other hand, if your herb is too delicate, it may restrict the airflow, causing a tight and challenging to draw blunt.

Blunt rolling purists prefer to simply break up their herb with their fingers instead of using a grinder. This can help you to achieve a coarse grind. But there is no problem with using a manual grinder, but if you choose one, it is best to go easy and not overdo it.

Filter Tips

While not necessary, filter tips can enhance the overall experience. Rolling tips can add structure to the mouthpiece of your blunt and create some distance between your mouth and the smoldering cherry.

Sometimes referred to as a crutch or simply as a filter, a filter tip is essentially a piece of rolled card stock. It is easy to create a filter tip using virtually any card stock, but avoiding card stock with ink is best.

Zig-Zag rolling tips are super convenient. They are precut and packaged in a booklet that offers easy access — no more tearing the cover of your rolling paper booklet or tearing up a business card. These precut tips are 18x60mm and feature perforations to aid your crutch creation. No are non-GMO, vegan, unbleached, free from dye, and biodegradable.

Create filter tips for your blunt by folding the perforations in an accordion-like manner and then rolling the remaining card stock around the "M" shape, so you essentially have an "M" or a "W" inside a circle. Then, your filter tip is ready to be placed on one end of your hemp wrap along with your herb. But, no, it is time to roll!

Zig-Zag pre-rolled rolling tips are a great option if you are looking for extra convenience. Although they don't offer much customization, they are ready to go straight out of the box. You will get 24 18mm unbleached filter tips in a box. And like Zig-Zags original filter tips, they are non-GMO, free from chlorine and dye, and are biodegradable.

Packing Tool

Zig-Zag Hemp Wraps have a handy packing tool that can make rolling a blunt easier. This allows you to pack the herb inside the hemp wrap from the front of your blunt. Tapping the mouthpiece of the good blunt on a hard surface will help you seal the filler.

If you do not have a packing tool, you can use a bobby pin, a chopstick, or even a pen. Anything thin and rigid should do the trick. Just be careful not to pack the filler too much, and it may result in a blunt that is difficult to draw.


Unlike rolling papers, blunt wraps do have a shelf life. When blunt wraps are crafted, they are optimized for air permeability and moisture content. If a blunt is left in an unsealed package, it can dry out, making it brittle and challenging to work with. This is why it is always best to store hemp wrap in an airtight container.

However, there is a way to breathe life into a dry and brittle hemp wrap. You can hold the wrap over steam from a kettle or a pot of boiling water. The hot steam will moisten the blunt hemp wrap and revive it by making it less brittle. Using a pair of tongs is best to avoid scaling your fingers. This trick may be able to save your hemp wrap and prevent it from cracking when rolled.

Zig-Zag blunt wraps come in a foil-fresh resealable pouch to prevent your blunt wraps from drying out, keeping them fresher for longer.

Strengthen the Seal

Sealing your hemp blunt is one of the final and most essential steps to rolling a blunt. This is done by moistening the edge before completing the roll, which prevents the blunt from unraveling. Sometimes it can take a moment or two for the seal to dry and thus creating a solid seal.

You can speed this process up by running the flame of your lighter up and down the length of the seal. This will essentially bake the seal and create a strong bond. This neat trick can prevent disaster, so keep that lighter hand!

Have you ever had trouble sealing a blunt wrap? You won’t experience this problem with Zig-Zag Hemp Wraps. They’re specially designed to seal firmly quick, and easily.


As we mentioned, a hemp wrap is more significant than a rolling paper. While the king-size paper is relatively big, hemp wraps can hold more of your favorite herb. This is part of their appeal, but it might be much for some smokers.

Maybe you want to experience a blunt hemp wrap but feel that they are a bit big. If this is the case, you can easily trim the wrap down to size. There is no need to use the entire wrap if you feel that you won't finish it. Just be sure not to trim it down too much; you need an excess wrap to seal the blunt.


Blunt wraps are firmly rooted in American Hip-Hop culture and offer an elevated experience. The aromatic smoke, the deep flavor, and the high-brow aesthetic add to the charm of this classic smoking method. But tobacco contains nicotine and can be addictive. A Zig-Zag Hemp Wrap is an excellent alternative to regular blunt wraps, typically made from tobacco. They are 100% tobacco-free and come in a range of creative flavors.

In this article, we covered some tips for using hemp wraps. To sum up, we covered the benefits of using a rolling tray and how it can help you stay organized and save money. Then, we looked at rolling tips, how to use them and how they can improve the draw of your blunt. We also looked at how to revive a dried-out hemp wrap and how to use a packing tool.

Rolling the perfect blunt takes practice. If you are just beginning your rolling journey, start practicing with rolling papers before moving on to hemp wraps. After some time, you will be ready to try your hand at rolling with a hemp wrap. Zig-Zag has many innovative products to help you roll and elevate your smoking ritual. It is time to co-create the perfect roll with Zig-Zag. Keep rolling!

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