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5 Zig-Zag Premium Papers to Make Your Smoking Experience Unique

There’s an extensive library of rolling paper booklets in any smoke shop you might walk in. It’s challenging to decide which ones offer a unique sm...

There’s an extensive library of rolling paper booklets in any smoke shop you might walk in. It’s challenging to decide which ones offer a unique smoking experience. You may say rolling paper is rolling paper, but this is not the case. Stay with us to find out why!

The way you roll a joint is unique. It's an extension of your self-expression and the overall smoking experience. So, why not select a rolling paper that compliments your style?

As you'll discover in this article, the materials used to manufacture rolling papers affect burn rate, taste, and rollability. Rolling paper size will also influence the process of rolling and smoking. Later in this article, we will deep dive into these aspects to uncover the 5 rolling papers that will create a unique smoking experience for you.

What are Rolling Papers Made From?

Rolling papers have been around for centuries and are still the most common smoking method. For over a century, Zig-Zag has been blending fibers like wood, hemp, and flax to enhance the smoking experience of millions around the world.

Each of these natural fibers offers a unique taste and burn rate. Understanding the nature of how these fibers burn will help you to decide which rolling papers will enhance your individual style.

Some rolling paper brands use harsh chemicals to process rolling papers. As a rule of thumb, rolling papers that do not contain dyes, chlorine, or other chemicals will offer a far more pleasant smoking experience.

Before we get into our top 5 rolling papers for creating a unique experience, let's delve into the materials used to manufacture rolling papers and how they influence your smoking session.

Blended Flax Paper

Flax is one of the oldest fibers used to manufacture rolling papers, but it is still being used today. Flax is often blended with other natural fibers. When blended correctly it offers a unique texture that is ideal for rolling by hand, and when it burns, it gives off little smoke.

Blended flax papers are a wonderfully classic rolling paper. Flax offers a natural taste and a slow burn. With the rising popularity of other fibers like rolling hemp papers, flax papers shouldn't be ignored as they are just what you are looking for.

Wood Pulp Paper

Wood pulp rolling papers are widespread and may be one of the most popular rolling papers among smokers. They are made from soft and hardwood fibers blended to create ultrathin and medium-weight papers.

Wood pulp fibers may mask the taste of your herb unless they are the ultrathin type, which generally imparts little to no flavor. It is important to note that ultrathin rolling paper will be more difficult to roll with as there is less material to grip with your finger when rolling.

Hemp Paper

Hemp rolling paper is fast becoming one of the most popular choices for discerning smokers. Hemp is one of the most sustainable crops in the world and can be used to create thinner and medium-weight paper.

Hemp offers a natural and earthy flavor to your smoke, becoming a favorite of millions of smokers worldwide. While hemp papers will influence the flavor of your joint to a degree, the flavor is generally mild and won't overpower the flavor of your herb but rather enhance it.

Rice Paper

These are the thinnest rolling papers and are often favored by joint smoking purists who prefer tasting the nakedness of their herb. Rice paper is generally very thin and burns, giving off very little smoke.

Rice rolling papers can be challenging to roll by hand as they tend to lack the grippy texture you will find on flax paper or hemp paper. So, it is best to avoid these papers if you're new to the art of rolling.

Other Factors to Consider

When searching for a rolling paper to enhance or create a unique experience, there are a few things to remember. Rolling paper material will influence burn rate and rollability. In addition, rolling paper size will impact rollability. In this section, we will look at these critical factors. Stay with us!

Burn Rate

Burn rate refers to the speed at which papers burns. Smokers generally favor slow-burning paper as they extend the smoking ritual. Fast burning paper can lead to a rushed smoking session or your joint going out mid-session.

Rice paper and ultra-thin rolling papers tend to burn faster than hemp rolling papers and papers made from flax. On the other hand, thicker papers tend to burn slower than ultra paper. Later in this article, we will introduce you to our slow-burn favorites.


The rolling paper size dictates the amount of herb you can roll into your joint and influence rollability. A larger rolling paper will be easier to work with. Conversely, the smaller one can be challenging.

Rolling papers come in single-wide papers, which are great for a single-serving smoking session. But the more common 1 1/4 rolling paper holds about 25% more herb, which may be the reason for its popularity.

King size papers offer a large capacity which is excellent for sharing a smoking session with friends. King size papers are also easier to roll with than 1 1/4 as there is more material to grip and roll with your fingers.

Ease of Use

Rolling joints can be challenging, especially if you are new to the craft. If you are looking for a paper that is easy to roll, it is best to steer clear of the ultra-thin rolling papers. The smooth texture and ultra-thin nature of these papers require a bit of practice to get used to.

If you are a novice or veteran with rollability, stick with a thicker paper with a grippier texture. King size papers will also offer better ease of use.


Rolling the perfect joint is not easy, especially for the novice. And let's face it, sometimes the master joint roller is also looking for a more convenient way to get the job done. Your unique smoking session can be enhanced with a bit of convenience. While pre-rolls are an option, it is difficult to control the quality of the filler inside a pre-rolled joint.

On the other hand, pre-rolled cones allow you to select your filler and offer an easy way to create the perfect joint every time. Simply pack the pre-rolled shell of a joint, pack it, and light up.

Another unique and convenient way to create the perfect joint is to use a rolling machine. These simple and relatively affordable tools will help you churn out perfect pinner joints in minutes. Be sure to check out Zig-Zag rolling machines.

#1 Zig-Zag French Orange

Zig-Zag French orange is Zig-Zag's best-selling roll paper. These classic rolling papers offer a unique connection to the past as they are one of Zig-Zag's oldest and much-loved offerings. They stand as a statement of quality and reliability, so they have remained a go-to rolling paper for millions of smokers for over a century.

Zig-Zag French Orange papers are made from a flax fiber blend and are vegan and non-GMO. No harmful chemicals have been used to manufacture these premium rolling papers. These papers burn slowly, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

French Orange papers are ideal for the master roller and the novice as they are easy to roll. Enjoy a natural flavor and an easy roll with this unique classic.

#2 Zig-Zag Organic Hemp Papers

Zig-Zag Organic Hemp Papers are crafted from the finest hemp industrial hemp sourced from organic farms. As you might expect, these papers offer Zig-Zag's classic slow burn, making for a premium smoking experience. In addition, these papers feature a unique unrefined texture that has high rollability and provides a natural, earthy taste.

Zig-Zag Organic Hemp Rolling Papers are made from 100% hemp and are vegan and non-GMO. These unbleached rolling papers will bring your closer to nature with their unrefined and unrivaled quality. So if you are looking for the best rolling papers bases on flavor and ease of use, look no further, Zig-Zag's Organic Hemp has got you covered.

#3 Zig-Zag Ultra Thin Papers

Zig-Zag ultra-thin rolling papers are ideal for those who believe less is more. The unique thing about these premium papers is that they offer you a chance to experience the pure nakedness of your favorite herb. In addition, they provide minimal flavor, which is excellent if you'd prefer not to mask the natural flavor of your filler.

If you're looking for a lightweight and strong paper, Zig-Zag's ultra-thin paper is what you're looking for. You'll be hard-pressed to find a rival for these smooth smoking, slow-burning ultra-thin papers.

#4 Zig-Zag King Size Rolling Papers

Zig-Zag King Size Papers are favored for their size and versatility. Roll a fat tapered joint to share with friends, or roll a pinner for a quiet solo hike in the woods. These premium papers measure 100x53 and pair perfectly with Zig-Zag's 100mm rolling machine. But because these papers are large, they are easier to handle, making them easier to roll with than their smaller counterparts.

These papers are made from blended plant fibers and offer a premium slow-burning smoke. As with all Zig-Zag's premium papers, these king-size papers feature a 100% natural gum Arabic strip, which will seal your joint and prevent your masterpiece from unraveling.

#5 Zig-Zag Ultra Pre-Rolled Cones

If you're looking to combine convenience with the perks of ultra-thin rolling paper, Zig-Zag's Ultra-Thin Pre-Rolled cones are the way to go. Pre-rolled cones offer the best choice regarding convenient rolling paper alternatives. And the ultra-thin nature of these rolling papers off a low flavor profile so you can enjoy your favorite herb just the way it is.

These papers are available in 1 1/4 and king size and feature a built-in filter tip that adds structure to the mouthpiece of the joint and creates a smooth and debris-free joint. Zig-Zag's Pre-Rolled Cones are the best rolling papers for convenience and ease of use.


Your smoking ritual is unique. How you choose to roll, where you choose to smoke, and who you choose to smoke with. Your experience can be enhanced based on the rolling papers. Your rolling abilities and taste will help you decide which paper to use.

French rolling paper company, Zig-Zag, has been around for more than 140 years. Its unique offering of premium rolling papers is crafted from the finest natural ingredients and is designed with you in mind ‚— your style and unique needs. When it comes to rolling paper brands, you can’t go wrong with Zig-Zag.

Whether you're new to the art of rolling or well versed in the craft, you can't go wrong with any of the 5 rolling papers mentioned in the article. It is time to co-create a unique smoking experience with Zig-Zag... choose your paper and keep rolling.