The Roll

Advice for traveling smokers

Are you looking for ways to make the joint-rolling process easier while traveling? Don't you get tired of losing your lighter or leaving your roll...

Are you looking for ways to make the joint-rolling process easier while traveling? Don't you get tired of losing your lighter or leaving your rolling papers at home by mistake? If you're rolling joints while traveling, there are things you should consider bringing along on your travels. Let's figure out what you should pack and how to do it the best way. We will also help you choose between accessories that will make the process of rolling joints while on the road much more convenient. Planning is key - your journey begins here.

Keep it Together 

It may seem obvious but this simple step is overlooked by many smokers. Keeping all your accessories in one place is key to not misplacing the essential items. A small bag like a fanny pack or tactical pouch is the ideal way to carry your smoking accessories. There are also specially designed pouches available for joint rolling accessories.


How to Pack? 

Pack the essential accessories into your pouch of choice and store them in your main travel bag. Packing loose accessories into a large backpack or suitcase can lead to misplaced items and unnecessary stress. Imagine having to empty your entire backpack to reach your grinder that has found its way to the very bottom of your bag. There is no time for such frustrations. Keeping your accessories together will help you stay organized.


If you don't have a tactical pouch or a fanny pack you can also use a plastic container, a sealable bag, or any other small container. Don't hesitate to use whatever works for you, although it'd be best to avoid using glass containers as these could break in transit. Also, it is helpful to bear in mind that you will need something durable if you are going on a long trip.


Rolling Papers 

Today there are many ways to enjoy the smoking experience. Your choice varies from bongs and pipes to elaborate dab rigs. But when it comes to the ideal accessory for traveling, a humble rolling paper is your choice. Bongs and pipes need cleaning and can also carry odors that can make your bag and clothes smell bad. They also tend to take up much more space than rolling papers and are generally heavier and more breakable.


Why Rolling Papers?

When you're on the road you need a disposable method. Once you've finished with a joint, all you need to do is to pop the butt in an ashtray or trash bin. There’s no cleanup required and you won’t be transferring bad smells into your gear.

Rolling papers are also extremely compact and lightweight which make them ideal for taking on a trip. Whether you're on a day hike in the mountains or a 10-day cross-country trek, rolling papers are the best travel option. All Zig-Zag rolling papers come in a slim, easy-to-pack booklet which makes them perfect for a traveling smoker.

You can't go wrong with a classic. Zig-Zag French Orange Rolling papers is a best seller and offers a premium slow-burn experience. A single booklet contains 32 papers. These papers are also available in a pack of six booklets which means you'll be well equipped when traveling. Begin your journey by selecting your traveling companion, choose between 1 1/4 or the well-loved King Size.


Pre-Rolled Cones?

Rolling a joint requires skill and can be challenging when you're outdoors or away from the comfort of your home. Pre-rolled cones are a user-friendly option for getting the job done quickly with little effort. A pre-rolled cone is essentially an empty shell of a joint that simply requires filling.

While pre-rolled cones may be most convenient they are also very delicate and could be easily crumpled if not packed correctly. Zig-Zag's pre-rolled cones come in a crush-proof box which will protect your fragile cones from getting damaged in transit.

These papers are made from the finest blend of natural fibers and offer a slow burn smoking experience that Zig-Zag is known for. They are available in both King size and the classic 1 1/4 size. You can choose between a pack of 6 1 1/4 sized cones or a pack of 3 King-sized cones. This quantity may be suitable for a short trip. But you may be better off getting a booklet of regular rolling papers for longer trips as you will get more in a pack.


Any boy scout will tell you that when going on an adventure one should always be prepared. But there is a fine line between being prepared and being overpacked. When selecting rolling accessories for a trip it is best to only pack the essentials.

You will be well prepared by packing a lighter, your favorite rolling papers, herb, and a grinder. But what about rolling tips, rolling machines, and rolling trays? These things can help you with the rolling process, especially while traveling but they can also weigh you down and take up unnecessary space.


Filter Tips

Rolling tips make for a pleasant smoking experience. They give the back end of the joint structure and prevent you from drawing bits of debris into your mouth. Luckily, practically any card stock can be used to create one so it's not necessary to take them on a trip. You may as well bring a booklet of filter tips as it is compact and lightweight. If you are looking for the best option try Zig-Zag's pre-rolled filter tips. This way you don't have to roll and shape your filter tips.

These tips are biodegradable, GMO-free, and vegan friendly so you can rest assured that you're doing your part for the planet. You will get 24 pre-rolled filter tips in a box which will be more than enough to begin your adventure.


Rolling Machines 

Not only does rolling the perfect joint take skill, but it also takes concentration. When traveling distractions are everywhere because there are so many fascinating and undiscovered things around. A rolling machine can make rolling a joint easier and quicker so you have more time to take in your surroundings.

However, it is important to remember that a rolling machine is another item you will need to carry around. If you prefer taking a rolling machine on a trip, opt for a compact and lightweight plastic device. The Zig-Zag 78mm rolling machine is made from durable materials and is both small and light.


Rolling Trays

Rolling trays make rolling a joint much more manageable. A rolling tray gives you a firm, flat, portable surface to hold all your smoking supplies while crafting your joint. It is also far more hygienic than using a public table or park bench as a joint rolling workstation. What is more, it can catch any precious crumbs that may be spilled during the process. You will be surprised how much money this can save you in the long run.

But once again, it is an additional item you will have to carry around, which may become an obstacle if you want to pack light. If this drawback isn't a major concern for you, consider a small rolling tray. A small rolling tray made from lightweight material will be easy to pack and won't weigh you down.

Zig Zag's small rolling tray is made from durable metal and measures 10.65x6.30. A great choice for travelers who want a portable and lightweight work surface. This rolling tray is also emblazoned with Zig-Zag's iconic branding that has inspired artists through the ages.


Herb Grinder

Let's not forget the all-important herb grinding device. When selecting a travel grinder, opt for slim and light versions over the bulky metal kinds. For example, a card grinder could suit you best. This device is about the size of a credit card and functions as a sort of cheese grater. While it may not be as user-friendly and as effective as a full-size grinder, it offers an extremely portable option that slips right into your wallet.



How often do lighters go missing? At the rate they disappear into the hands of others, it seems that they are public property. This is why it is best to always have an extra lighter on you when preparing for a trip. This way you won't be left with a perfectly rolled joint that cannot be lit.



Traveling can be stressful enough without dealing with a missing lighter and unorganized accessories. Planning is key. The first step is to figure out what works for you. Does a minimalist setup appeal to you? Do you prefer to pack light? Then keep it simple with a grinder, lighter, rolling papers, and your herb.

Do you want to feel more fancy while on the road? Then, by all means, add a rolling tray and a rolling machine to your kit. But to keep the weight down you should consider lightweight accessories made from durable materials. Finally, keep your selected items in a small bag like a fanny pack or a tactical pouch. And don't forget to pack an extra lighter!