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Your complete guide to rolling paper sizes 2022

Are you struggling to find the best rolling paper for your needs? Are you new to the art of rolling and looking for a paper that will make your li...

Are you struggling to find the best rolling paper for your needs? Are you new to the art of rolling and looking for a paper that will make your life easier? With the overwhelming amount of papers available, you may be wondering where to begin. You may be asking yourself, "What does it matter? Paper is paper, right?" It's not as simple as that.

Over the years, rolling paper brands have been offering many different-sized rolling papers. With the new and exciting novelty papers coming out, are classic papers still relevant in 2022?

This article aims to guide you through all the sizes and highlight the benefits of each of them. We will also introduce you to some of the specialty papers available today. Stay with us to have all your questions answered.

What's so Great About Rolling Papers

Rolling a joint using rolling papers can be very rewarding. Sure, it may take practice to master the art. But with a bit of patience, you will be rolling high-quality joints every time. Choosing to roll joints over other methods of smoking gives you more control.

Buying pre-rolled joints may be convenient, but you have little control of the quality of the filler and the size and shape. Pipes and other smoking accessories may be more user-friendly, but the process can be fleeting.

Rolling a joint may be more time-consuming, but there is joy in crafting a joint to suit your needs. From the size of the joint to the shape and quality of the filler - rolling a joint yourself gives you complete control. And with the number of different sizes of rolling papers available, your only limit is your creativity.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Rolling Paper Sizes

Rolling papers may offer you more control over your smoking experience. But there are benefits and drawbacks to the different sizes. In this section, we will take a look at some of the factors to consider when choosing rolling papers. It is important to remember that the rolling paper material and the size and weight will influence factors like burn rate, ease of use, and taste.

Easy Rolling

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What if you're new to the craft? Not all rolling papers offer the same level of rollability. Some rolling papers are easier to roll with than others. Weight is a significant factor here. Ultra-thin paper, like rice paper, can be tough to roll, especially if you are a beginner.

Small rolling papers can also be challenging to work with because small rolling papers and ultra-thin papers don't have much substance to grip and roll with your fingers. They require more fine motor control than larger and thicker paper like wood pulp one.

If you are just starting out, avoid ultra-thin papers. Instead, opt for a thicker paper like Zig-Zag's French orange. It is also best to choose large papers like king-size papers. A larger and thicker paper will be easier to control for both the novice and pro.

Joint Size and Shape

It may seem obvious, but the rolling paper size will determine the size of your joint. Smaller rolling papers hold less herb, and larger papers will hold more. Consider this fact if you are rolling joints for small groups or single servings.

Wider papers will allow you to roll fat cone-shaped joints. And slimmer papers will limit you to pinner joints or slightly tapered joints. Typically, cone-shaped joints will hold more filler than pinner joints. When selecting rolling paper sizes, consider how many people are in your smoking circle and what shapes you would like to roll.

Thickness - Burn Rate and Taste

Burn rate refers to the speed at which the rolling paper burns. Generally speaking, the thickness or weight of the rolling paper determines the burn rate. Thin rolling papers like rice paper will burn slower than thicker rolling paper-like wood pulp papers.

Slow-burning papers will offer a better smoking experience. Super thin papers will have little influence over the taste of the joint. But your joint may need to be re-lit from time to time as rice paper tends to go out mid-smoke.

Thicker, slow-burning papers like wood pulp papers may influence the flavor of the joint. Hemp papers, for instance, are considered medium weight and have an earthy natural taste. These days, wood pulp rolling papers are often blended with other natural fibers. New manufacturing methods allow for thinner and stronger slow-burning papers.

Side note: Even burn refers to how the joint burns. An uneven burn is when a joint burns down one side of the joint. Even burn has less to do with the thickness of the rolling paper than it has to do with the way you roll the joint.

Rolling Paper Sizes

Rolling paper sizes vary greatly. The dimensions have changed over the years due to consumer demand and tax laws. Today, we are spoilt for choice, but there were very few rolling paper sizes in the early days.

The most popular size was once the Spanish size. After King James I put down some hefty tax laws, rolling paper manufacturers were forced to reduce the size of their rolling papers, giving birth to single wide rolling papers. This section will look at the rolling paper sizes from the smaller rolling papers to the larger ones. Stick with us to find out which is suitable for you.

It is important to note that sizes vary slightly from one brand to another but are roughly similar.

Single Wide Rolling Paper (68-70mm x 34-36mm wide)

Today, single wide papers are also known as the standard size. This size is ideal for that quick solo smoke session. Rolling fat cone joints with a single wide will be complex. You may be limited to rolling pinner joints and slightly tapered joints. Single wide papers are the smallest papers and are not ideal for sharing with a group of smokers.

Zig-Zag Original White Papers are a fine example of premium single wide papers. They feature a glue line for the perfect seal. These rolling papers are made from natural materials. The gum strip is made from sap from the African Acacia tree, and the paper is made from natural flax plant fibers. These materials won't impact the taste of your joint. If you are looking for a single-wide paper, you can't go wrong with Zig-Zag's Original White Papers.

1 1/4" Rolling Paper (76-78mm x 45-48mm)


1 1/4 rolling papers are also referred to as Spanish size. It was the original size of rolling paper that was invented in Spain. This size dominated Europe. Manufacturers were later forced to make a smaller paper size after King James I imposed new tax laws.

This rolling paper holds roughly 25% more herb than its single wide counterpart. It is ideal for rolling a joint to share between two or three people. This size is also suitable for a single serving if you're feeling indulgent.

The 1 1/4 size is also great for rolling slightly tapered joints. You will roll the perfect pinner easily when using these papers with Zig-Zag's 78mm rolling machine. The Spanish size is very popular. These classic papers are available at most smoke shops.

Zig-Zag's French Orange 1 1/4 Rolling Papers are the world's most icon rolling papers. It has been Zig-Zag's best seller for over 100 years. These papers are made from natural flax fibers. The Arabic gum strip will ensure your joint is fully sealed and does not unravel mid-smoke. These papers are Vegan and non-GMO. Enjoy this slow burn, easy to roll classic in a booklet of 32 leaves.

1 1/2" Rolling Paper (76-78mm x 60-62mm)

While they're not popular rolling papers, the 1 1/2 can hold around 50% more filler than single wide rolling papers because they are longer and wider. Compared to the 1 1/4 size rolling papers, these are the same length but wider. The greater width allows you to roll joints bigger in diameter and fat cone joints. These papers are ideal for rolling a joint for about three to four people.

Zig-Zag's Ultra-Thin papers are both thin and strong. Unlike most super-thin rolling papers, these rolling papers offer a slow burn rate that Zig-Zag is famous for. Rolling with these lightweight papers may be challenging for beginners. If you are new to the craft, you will be better off with Zig-Zag's French Orange.

These Ultrathin papers are slightly wider than other 1 1/2 papers, which means you can pack a bit more herb into your rolls. The see-through nature of these papers makes joints with attractive visual appeal. While they're not typical papers, Zig-Zag's Ultrathin papers are worth experimenting with.

Double Wide Rolling Paper (76-78mm x 63-88mm)

As you may have guessed, double-wide papers are extra wide! Double wide papers are not the most popular as they can be difficult to roll with. If not used properly, you can end up with a joint that is more paper than herb. Mastering the roll with this paper size can lead to some seriously fat joints. They may not be the most practical rolling size, but they could suit someone with a taste for big and bulky joints.

King Size Rolling Paper (100-110mm x 55-60mm)

It is time to make way for the King. And by King, we mean King Size! King-size rolling papers are an all-around favorite. They are the perfect social size as they allow you to roll super big joints.

From long and thin pinners to long and tapered baseball bats - this size is the most popular paper at the party. Kick back with the king and enjoy a leisurely smoking session. The length adds to the burn time and offers extra-long relaxation.

Zig-Zag King Size Rolling Papers are 100x53mm and offer a premium King-size smoking experience. These papers are made using natural flax fibers and 100% natural gum Arabic for the glue strip.

You will get 32 premium king-size rolling papers in a booklet, which will keep you smoking for significantly longer. Roll the perfect joints by pairing these king-size papers with Zig-Zag's 100mm roller.

King Slim Rolling Paper (105-110mm x 42-46mm)

King slim rolling papers are a cross between king-size and the 1 1/4. While they have the same length as king-size papers, king slims have the width of 1 1/4 paper. These are not the easiest to roll, and it’s better to avoid them if you are new to the art.

Zig-Zag's Organic Hemp Rolling Papers come in 1 1/4 size and king slims. These rolling papers are made from the finest hemp fibers and offer a natural smoking experience. These hemp papers are organic, 100% vegan, and non-GMO. Each of these rolling paper packs contains 50 leaves!

These lightweight hemp rolling papers are perfectly crafted and satisfy even the most decerning tastes. Zig-Zag's Organic hemp is a slow-burning paper, an excellent alternative to wood pulp papers.

Specialty Rolling Papers

Are you still struggling to find the right rolling paper for you? With the wide variety of rolling papers available, who would have thought that there was a demand for something more? Well, that brings us to specialty papers. These papers fill a niche within the market and are becoming increasingly popular. Let's dive right in!

Spool Rolling paper

Are king-size papers not big enough for you? Well, it's time to roll out the red carpet for rolling paper on a roll. Spool rolling paper is just that - cut to size rolling papers. Spool rolling paper comes on a roll similar to how saran wrap is packaged.

This type of rolling paper is ideal for experimenting. Not being limited to length and the option to cut to size allows you to create super long joints. While not the most practical, spool rolling paper appeals to the adventurous.

Re-Rolled Cones

The perfect roll depends a lot on fine motor skills. If you are done with rolling by hand and refuse to use a machine, pre-rolled cones can help you quickly and easily create perfect joints. A pre-rolled cone is simply an empty cone shape joint. Grind your favorite herb, fill the pre-rolled shell, pack, twist and ignite! Best of all, pre-rolled cones are available in different sizes!

Zig-Zag's Unbleached Paper Cones offer ultimate convenience. Whether you are an expert looking for an easier way to create joints or a novice looking for some extra help - pre-rolled cones are the way to go. These cones papers are made from the finest natural fibers and offer zero-hassle premium smoke.

Flavored Rolling Papers

Flavored rolling papers boost the flavor of your joint. They come in many different flavors, from tutti-frutti to chocolate and milkshake. These are usually artificial flavors and may not be ideal as everyday paper, but they are great for a special occasion. Along with the array of different flavors, they come in a wide range of sizes from 1 1/4 to king-size rolling papers and king slim.


Your rolling paper size comes down to your smoking style. If you are unsure what size of rolling paper suits you, it is best to consider your lifestyle. If you smoke on your own as a way to unwind, a single wide or 1 1/4" will be ideal. But if you often socialize while smoking in a group, you may want to consider king-size papers.

There are some middle-of-the-road options, such as 1 1/2" and the king slim. And if you are looking for ease of use, try out pre-rolled cone papers. This ultra-convenient option is very easy to use and comes in a few different sizes. A good place for beginners is to start with 1 1/4 or king-size rolling papers. It is best to avoid king slims and super thin rolling papers unless you have some experience with rolling joints.

If the king size is not scratching that itch for a super-size joint, there is always cut to size rolling paper on a roll. The great thing about rolling papers is that they are affordable. As a result, you don't have to settle on one particular size.

Sure, you may find the size you like best, and you may never want to use anything else. But to arrive there, you may need to experiment with all the sizes. But that's half fun. Enjoy the process and get creative. There is always room for innovation!