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Hemp vs Regular Rolling Paper. Which One is Right for You?

We’re going to let you into a secret, there is no perfect rolling paper out there. However, nobody wants to be stuck with a bad joint when all you...

We’re going to let you into a secret, there is no perfect rolling paper out there. However, nobody wants to be stuck with a bad joint when all you want to do is chill with your friends in a beautiful place. Trust us, we know. It sucks.

Hunting for the right rolling paper can be challenging. You may end up buying booklet after booklet until you find the paper that works for you! Seeking to gain a little understanding of the different rolling papers out there can help you know where to start.

This article will take you through the intricate task of picking the right rolling paper for your needs. It's based on our experience, reading hundreds of customer reviews, and our own tests. So if you're looking for comprehensive advice on hemp vs. rolling paper, stay with us!

Regular Papers

Before we dive into the world of hemp rolling papers, we should define what we mean by regular rolling papers. Regular rolling papers would encompass a few different types of papers - the most popular being wood fiber rolling papers. However, over the years, blended rolling papers made from both wood and flax fibers have also been the best sellers. 

Rolling papers are made from natural fibers. These fibers are extracted and then rolled into very thin sheets. Sometimes companies will bleach the paper white using calcium carbonate along with pressure and heat. 

Generally speaking, hemp rolling paper contains far less chemicals and additives than regular papers. We’ll dig deeper into the characteristics of hemp rolling paper later in this article. First, let’s take a look at the common types of rolling papers!

Wood Pulp Rolling Papers

Wood pulp rolling papers are one of the oldest types out there. Wood pulp papers contribute to the felling of trees, however Zig-Zag utilizes sustainable harvesting solutions. Wood fibers are the thinnest of the natural fibers used in rolling papers. During the manufacturing process, they can be stretched to create ultra thin paper while still retaining its strength. Wood pulp rolling papers are still very popular but they are often blended with other fibers such as flax as well as hemp.

Flax Rolling Papers

Flax rolling papers are 100% natural and burn much cleaner than those made from wood pulp. Similarly to hemp, flax is a far more sustainable crop than trees. Flax rolling papers can be super thin, but they are easy to grip with your fingers when rolling a joint because of the texture and have little influence on the flavor of your joint.

Flax rolling papers may not be as popular as hemp rolling papers, but they are a classic that is well worth trying. Zig-Zag’s French Orange rolling paper contains flax but it is blended with hemp and wood fibers. This blend results in a slow burning paper that is easy to roll.

Rice Rolling Papers

Along with hemp, rice is one of the most sustainable crops used for manufacturing rolling papers. They are ultra-thin and don’t alter the taste of your joint in any way. At this stage, rice rolling paper may be as popular as its hemp counterpart. Unlike hemp papers, rice ones are ultra-thin and have a very smooth texture, making them difficult to grip and roll.

Rice rolling paper may not be the ideal choice for beginners, but it is an excellent choice for the connoisseur looking for a pure smoking experience. These papers are delicate and, as a result, susceptible to moisture damage or excessive humidity.

Now that we have covered the most common types of rolling papers, it is time to dig deeper into the world of hemp rolling papers. It has unique characteristics that may make it the ideal rolling paper for you. Keep reading to find out more!

What is Hemp Rolling Paper?

Hemp is one of the oldest plants in existence. It’s been used for thousands of years to produce paper, clothing, rope, and even food. It is often referred to as industrial hemp and is a close relative of the cannabis Sativa plant. Hemp can grow up almost in any climate and reaches a massive 10 feet tall, which means it’s a resilient plant. 

Hemp fiber is one of the strongest fibers around! We can extract two types of fibers from hemp, long bast fiber and short fiber. These short fibers are sometimes referred to as pulp fiber or hurd fiber (also called shives). Paper made from pulp fiber is much softer than the one made from long bast fiber, which is very coarse. Moreover, it’s much easier to produce paper from short pulp fiber than from long bast fiber.

When it comes to rolling paper manufacturing, short pulp fibers are extracted from the storks of the hemp plant. Then these fibers are turned into a slurry, followed by processing and rolling them into very thin sheets of paper. Most hemp papers available today are unbleached, meaning they are not are not bright white but rather light brown in color. Hemp offers many other appealing characteristics. We will cover them all later in this article!

History of Hemp Rolling Papers

Hemp cultivation goes back thousands of years. The oldest known hemp product is a rope, which dates back to 26 900 BCE! Hemp paper dates back more than 2000 years. Traces of hemp paper have been found inside ancient graves in China. However, we don’t know whether hemp paper was used for rolling joints that far back in history.

While hemp rolling paper has experienced fluctuating popularity over the years, it has never been as popular as today. Hemp was often blended with other plant fibers such as flax, rice, and wood fibers in the past. However, these days you will find a plethora of 100% hemp rolling papers. Lucky for us, it seems as if these fabulous papers are here to stay!

Reasons for Choosing Hemp Rolling Papers

This section will look at the specific qualities of hemp paper, its characteristics, and features and investigate how they influence the smoking experience. Read on to find out more!

Burn Rate of Hemp Rolling Paper

Burn rate refers to the rate at which rolling paper burns. Every material will burn at a different speed, and fast-burning papers can be a real pain. Why? Because rolling paper that burns fast leads to a short lived smoking experience.

While hemp rolling paper can be very thin, it is known for its slow-burn properties. Zig-Zag’s organic hemp is a fine example of a slow-burning rolling paper. This rolling paper burns slowly, smoothly, and stays lit throughout your smoking session! As a result, you can enjoy a high-quality smoking experience! If you are looking for a premium rolling paper with a slow burn rate, go for Zig-Zag Organic Hemp!

Bleached vs. Unbleached Hemp Rolling Paper

Bleached hemp rolling papers have been processed and treated to make them white, and this process can leave a residue of chemicals affecting the taste of your joint.

Most hemp rolling papers are unbleached, meaning that they have not been put through the bleaching process. This gives it a more organic look and feel than its stark white counterparts as unbleached hemp rolling papers have an appealing light brown color and a rougher finish.

Zig-Zag offers a range of organic unbleached hemp rolling papers that are 100% natural. This hemp rolling paper provides a smoking experience that is untainted and as close to the earth as possible.

Rollability of Hemp Rolling Paper

Image by Pexels Kampus Production

Ease of use is an essential factor in rolling joints because rollability is crucial for the novice learning the art of joint rolling. It is no less vital for the master joint roller who is looking for convenience on the go. The rollability is determined by the thickness of the paper as well as the material. 

A thin rice paper, for example, is not very stable and can easily tear or be rolled into an uneven shape. It is often hard to roll because it doesn’t offer your fingers much substance to grip onto. In contrast, Zig-Zag’s Organic Hemp paper is ultra-thin, but because of the grippy texture of the unbleached hemp, it is easy to roll.

Hemp papers may not be as easy to roll with as regular papers like flax or thicker papers, but it has a higher rollability than rice paper, and it is an excellent choice for both the novice and the master!


The size of the rolling paper can limit the size and shape of your joint. Depending on the types of joints that you like to roll, you may have trouble with the standard 1 ¼ size. Lucky for us, hemp rolling papers come in various sizes, making it a breeze to roll single servings to those larger joints.

Zig-Zag Organic Hemp papers come in the classic 1 ¼ size as well as a king slim. The king slim is a 1 ¼ with extra length. This size is ideal for rolling big joints that are perfect for social engagements! So don’t let the issue of size hold you back because you can find hemp rolling papers in many sizes and shapes to satisfy your creativity!


The best adhesive found on rolling papers is Gum Arabic - a 100% natural glue that is non-toxic, providing a firm hold that will keep your joint sealed the entire smoking session! Most good-quality hemp rolling paper will feature a Gum Arabic glue strip.


Another good reason for choosing hemp rolling papers is that it is much more sustainable than wood pulp papers because trees take longer to grow than hemp. What’s more, the process of turning wood into rolling paper requires extensive processing. In contrast, hemp requires very little water to grow, and it is non-GMO!

Hemp produces more fiber than flax, and it is known to purify soil by removing mercury and zinc deposits through its roots. If you are concerned about how your choices affect the environment, hemp rolling papers are the ideal choice! Zig-Zag Organic Hemp rolling papers are a great example of high-quality 100 % pure hemp rolling paper. We source only the finest hemp fibers from the most sustainable farms.

The Best Hemp Rolling Papers

If you have read this far, you may feel that hemp rolling is right for you! You are not alone. Hemp rolling papers have become extremely popular, and manufacturers seem to be releasing more and more varieties. In this section, we will introduce you to some of the best products out there.

Zig-Zag is one of the oldest brands in the rolling paper game. The company was started in 1879 and has remained a favorite within the industry. We care about our planet, so we initiated our burn one / plant one program to donate a portion of the profit to plant trees.

Our brand is best known for the French Orange paper. Contrary to its name, this rolling paper is white and made from a blend of flax, hemp and wood! While French Orange is the brand’s staple, our Organic hemp range seems to be competing in popularity.

Zig-Zag’s Organic Hemp rolling papers are thinner than the classic French Orange Paper, but they still offer a premium slow-burn experience. If you are looking for a quality hemp rolling paper, these are ideal for both beginners and veterans!

Zig-Zag Organic Hemp Rolling Paper 1 ¼

We created Zig-Zag’s organic hemp rolling papers intending to give each and every roll that certain something that makes it utterly irresistible. These hemp papers are perfect for practice or if you’re just feeling frugal. Most importantly, they feature a 100% natural gum Arabic glue strip so your joint will stay securely together when you smoke it, without crumbling apart.

In a single booklet, you will get 50 premium ultra-thin rolling papers that are easy to roll. The purity of the ingredients contributes to an earthy and natural-tasting rolling paper that burns slowly and evenly. The 1 ¼ size is perfect for your solo smoking session!

Zig-Zag Organic Hemp King Slim Rolling Paper

Zig-Zag Organic Hemp King Slim rolling paper has all the characteristics of Zig-Zag’s Organic Hemp paper. Like their 1 ¼ counterparts, they feature 100% natural gum arabic that creates a reliable and reliable and non-toxic seal.

You will get 32 ultra-thin, king slim papers in a single booklet. These papers will not influence the taste of your joint and will burn slow and even. King slim papers are the same width as the 1 ¼ size, but they feature extra length. The extra length will help you to roll larger joints for those social smoking sessions.

Zig-Zag Hemp Wraps

Zig-Zag Hemp Wraps are perfect for those who love the earthy taste of the plant. Hemp wraps are much thicker than traditional hemp rolling papers, allowing you to savor your favorite leaf’s flavor. Zig-Zag hemp wraps come in a variety of different flavors and come in a resealable package to keep your wrap fresh. 

These wraps are made with natural hemp ingredients and offer a slow burn rate. You will get two premium hemp wraps in each pack. They are perfect for a special occasion.


When deciding between hemp and traditional rolling paper, it’s important to note that everyone’s different! Hemp papers burn slower than regular papers and provide a longer, even burn. They preserve your herbs’ essential flavor and aroma and keep out junk like chemicals and glue in regular papers.

By selecting a pack of hemp rolling papers, you’re making a small statement about your values. The best hemp rolling papers are environment-friendly, mild, and slow-burning. They don't get soggy and burn very steadily. 

In short, with hemp paper, there’s no need to compromise. You can have a paper that’s thin, easy to roll with your fingers, and sustainable  - all in one. Hemp is fast-growing, requiring little water to grow, and is made into unrefined paper for smooth rolling that’s easier on your fingers.

Remember that hemp rolling paper can influence the flavor of your joint. However, this flavor is mild and natural, which can be appealing to certain people. Rice paper has very little influence on the taste, while wood pulp rolling ones are easier to roll than hemp but can have a harsh taste. If hemp rolling paper sounds appealing, then be sure to give Zig-Zag organic hemp a roll!