6 Pack King Size Ultra Thin Cones

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Zig-Zag paper cones are crafted from an ultra-thin paper to deliver a slow, even burn with zero hassle – just fill, pack and burn. Our crush-proof slide box fits easily in a pocket or purse, so you’re always ready for a smoke break. 

3 cones per box

Zig Zag Paper Cones

Have you ever been rolling a joint, and the paper rips in multiple places? So you have to lick it a million times to get it to stay shut, which makes the paper all wet and floppy. Now you have to wait for the joint to dry and stiffen up before you have your smoke—what a mess. Don’t deal with that anymore. Zig Zag paper cones are here to solve your rolling paper debacles.

How are the cones made?

We’re always curious about the way the products we sell are made. Zig Zag is not secretive about the manufacturing process of their classic rolling papers and cones. They're the leading rolling paper brand, and there’s a reason for that. Originating in France in the late 1800s, Zig Zag has spent the past 140 years producing rolling paper and continually perfecting its products. They’re a vegan and sustainable product which are winning elements to most. Even big-time celebrities dig it. It’s a pop-culture staple.

Paper cones are just what they sound like. Paper rolled into a cone shape. Zig Zag paper cones are premium quality as they’re made with their iconic rolling paper. The rolling paper is a combination of wood fibers that are tough and uniquely thin. These paper cones and all other Zig Zag products are eco-friendly. Zig Zag rolling paper has a slim glue line made of 100% Natural gum Arabic to enforce a tight seal.

Zig Zag’s paper cones are guaranteed to be the perfect vessel for your smoking needs. The cones are created by applying a filter at one end, which is then rolled, and then rolling that same end again to make a tight and narrow cone. This technique helps define the cone shape by starting with a slender base and finishing with a broader opening. The pre-rolled cones are then packaged in a crush-proof box to ensure the product remains intact.

Types of cones

Zig Zag’s pre-rolled paper cones come in two varieties: Unbleached and Ultra-Thin.

They are also available in the standard 1 1/4 inch and King size. Do you like a slim joint? If so, go with the smaller option. It’s the most common size on the market at 1 ¼ inch, equivalent to the average cigarette or blunt wrap. If you prefer a fat one, King size is the best option. It's larger to allow more room to fill with product. The best part about either choice is that you don’t have to roll them. No worries about making it too skinny or having filling fall out while you close it. Just decide which one will give you the ultimate smoking experience and drop it in your cart.

Unbleached paper cones simply mean that they are made with Zig Zag’s unbleached or unprocessed rolling paper. These rolling papers skip the process that helps the color of the paper look bright white. Instead, the unbleached paper comes right off the rolling paper machine and keeps its natural color.

Zig Zag’s Ultra-Thin paper is used to make the Ultra-Thin cones. The thin quality is a result of wood blends that have varying densities. Zig Zag uses this method of mixing fibers with all of our rolling papers. The Ultra-Thin paper cones are pre-rolled with some of the best rolling paper around to offer you the best smoking experience. You can feel assured that no matter which of Zig Zag’s paper cones you choose to buy, they’re all excellent quality and enjoyable.

How to use the cones?

Zig Zag’s paper cones are easy to use for new and seasoned smokers. They are ready-made to avoid wasting time rolling up, which helps you enjoy your smoke session much sooner. The way to use these paper cones is to fill them with your preferred herb products.

Decide which Zig Zag cone you want to try out, then take your pre-rolled cone and fill it with your herbs. Make sure to pack it down well so you don’t leave any gaps. Once you’re satisfied with the fullness of your cone, twist the loose end of the cone to fasten it shut. It should stay appropriately secured.

We also recommend packing your cone in segments for more even distribution. Start by filling a small segment to create the base, tamp it, then fill the next segment and repeat till your cone is filled.

Now it’s time to light up and enjoy your joint.

Zig Zag paper cones are an ideal gift for you or the smoker in your life. Pre-rolled and nicely packaged, they are already set up like a present. Just add a bow and show up to the next party with Zig Zag’s paper cones. The recipient will appreciate having the ease of filling up the cone in a minute or two. You’ll be the highlight of the party for bringing Zig Zag paper cones.